Safety Issues

Check Your Hoses
We recently had an incident where a water leak did extensive damage to a Links  home.  Please be aware of the potential for damage. 
Since many of us leave our homes for vacations, to visit family or friends or for other overnight visits, it is prudent to take as many measures as we can to protect our property and that of our adjoining neighbor(s) while gone. Even a small leak, if left running for hours or days, can cause very significant damage to a home and your belongings. 

One simple measure is to turn off the water supply inside your home. Our units have a valve which can be closed to turn inside water off temporarily. (Check the closet in your kitchen.)

Remember that water supply lines have a finite life span. Old plastic supply lines to toilets and washing machines can and do wear out and should be replaced with braided stainless steel lines.  The same is  true for ice makers. It is recommended that even the stainless supply lines be replaced every 10 years. 

If you don’t know how old your lines are, replace them.  It is better to be safe than sorry. 
Potential Fire Hazards

Barbecue grills should be kept 15 feet from combustible surfaces.  Dryer vents should be cleaned out regularly. 
And chimneys — even  those with gas logs — need regular cleaning.  According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America: 
“Appliances fueled by natural gas or propane may not produce the visible soot that appliances burning other fuels do, but they can deposit corrosive substances in your chimney. In many cases, these acids may wreak havoc on your chimney without producing any external symptoms until the problem has become dangerous or expensive to repair.”